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You are not your thoughts...

in meditation

You are not your thoughts...

Our minds are always thinking - remembering the past, keeping mental To Do lists, daydreaming, plotting revenge, fancying a coffee - the list is endless and the thoughts constant; we have over 50,000 a day by all accounts.

One of my greatest learnings from my practice of meditation and mindfulness is that we can’t really stop these thoughts (we can perhaps slow them down for a while, especially during meditation), but we can understand that these thoughts are just that, thoughts; bad things are not destined to happen and if you don’t like this thought, another one will be along in under a minute - which is fortunate, because right now I would be composed entirely of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons….

(p.s. No Cadbury Buttons were eaten during the staging of this photograph).

(p.p.s No, really they weren't).

(p.p.p.s But they might in a minute...)

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