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Whether it is a career, a relationship, a business, or just life in general, the pull of ‘the way it should be done’ is incredibly strong, but the people we quietly admire did something differently - they saw ‘the way it should be done’ and decided to take a different path.

The life you want doesn’t have to be in the opposite direction to everyone else, sometimes it’s just about finding a different way to get there….

Further Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how you start out, the pull of ‘the way it should be done’ is stronger than you ever imagined, and it can easily take you onto a path you had no intention of ever following.

In my own case, I left my corporate life behind to do something different, and even though I am confident that I run my business in alignment with my core principles and there are plenty of great ways that my life is different now, there are also times when I look around and realise that I am at risk of being pulled back onto that ‘usual’ path.

We start every journey with a destination in mind, and although it’s important to keep that destination front and centre in our plans, it’s equally important to keep an eye on the route we are taking to get there, in case we find ourselves inadvertently being pulled back onto that ‘usual’ path…

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  • Don Jardine on

    Wonderful quote and good thought for the day. It put me in mind of the Henry Ford quote, so similar to Steve Jobs in so many ways, “If I had given people what they wanted, I would have created a faster horse”

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