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The Golden Hour....

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My golden hour is early in the morning - I make my coffee, I meditate and I read, and then the magic begins.

Sometimes I am self-reflective and have insights I’ve never considered before, sometimes the ideas spark, filling my mind with new and exciting opportunities, and sometimes my creativity flows bringing words I never thought I would be able to write.

Each of us has a sequence of events that leads us to our golden hour - the question is, how will you use yours….?

Further Thoughts

Even back in my corporate days, I had a golden hour, although it was usually reserved for the weekends, in the quiet of the house before everyone woke up. These days, my golden hour is a lot more regular, unlocked by my daily routine.

Making my first cup of coffee is a fairly slow process, but it tells my mind that sleep is over and the day has begun. Coffee cooling on the desk, I begin my meditation, clearing my head of leftover thoughts, and seeking clarity of mind. Finally, my 30 minutes of reading (enjoying that wonderful coffee 😊) starts my brain working, forming ideas, reflecting on thoughts and feelings, and linking things together in new and interesting ways. Invariably my golden hour is spent with my notebook, writing, journaling, sketching or planning.

For me, early mornings are the best time to construct a golden hour, but we are all different, and for some it happens at the opposite end of the day, when everything is done, and the mind can be free to think the important thoughts and plan the important actions. It doesn’t really matter when or how often that golden hour is created, what is important is that you embrace it and extract every magical minute…

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