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Finding new and more productive ways to do things is a useful (and necessary) skill, because we can get trapped in our old ways, preferring the comfort of what we know to the challenges of the new. But that’s different to looking for the easy way out - searching for shortcuts, hacks and workrounds that mean that we won’t have to do the hard work, all the time knowing that if we just did the work we would move forward, and be stronger for it.

Yesterday I wrote about feeling flat and uninspired, and knowing that I just needed to take action to start moving forward.

So I did just that - I took action.

And I moved forward.

And I ended the day feeling better than I did in the morning - still not perfect, but better.

And today I am going to do the same.

We can keep looking for new ways, or we can just do the work, but only one of those choices will definitely move us forward…

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