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If I were to go back through my notebooks and archives, I would find list after list of ideas and tasks, some repeated, some completed, and many forgotten.

Frustrated by my lack of progress on some of my bigger tasks, I cleared the whiteboard in my office, divided it into two for tasks and ideas, and wrote out Post Its for the most important ones.

The difference between this and my other ‘lists’ was that I dated everything as I added it, and I moved the completed ones to the bottom of the board when they were done.

It seems to be working.

Keeping things visible is keeping me focused, the wad of completed items gives me a positive boost, and dating them means that I know that I take, on average, a month to complete these types of tasks (slower than I would like, but at least I know).

I couldn’t live without my daily lists, but for some things, only a constant reminder will do….

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