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Favourite quotes...?

Favourite quotes...?

Every time I find myself wishing I had started a positive habit earlier, these words comfort me that, even at 51, I still have decades to reap the benefits of habits started today.

Maybe it’s one of those bits of wisdom that makes more sense the older you get, but that doesn’t stop me trying to help others to understand it much earlier than I did.

I couldn’t pick a favourite quote, or even a top 10, but if there is one which springs to mind most easily and quote most often because of its sheer wisdom, it would be this one. What would yours be… ?

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  • PamAlisonKnits on

    One of my all-time favourites is from the musical Chess – “No-one in your life is with you constantly; No-one is completely on your side”. It helps me to appreciate that every single person’s experience of life is different; however close we are to another person, we are not them, we can never know them entirely, and there will always be times when they surprise us. Although this quote can seem rather alienating, it can also serve as a reminder that each of us has to be our own best friend, to treat ourselves kindly because no-one else is fully qualified to do so.

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